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February 14 has come again–and with it, scads of single women hole up in their houses to pout over chocolates they’ve bought themselves (or else they gather together to collectively bemoan/celebrate their singleness, preferably in someone’s home so the outside world doesn’t have to see their desperation.)

I did the latter last night (although we only spent about ten minutes bemoaning–and that brought up by the one married woman in our midst!)

Today, I’ll spend the day working as usual, hopefully giving God thanks for the rich life He’s given me right now-and trusting that His plan for my future is just right.

I was blessed this past week to read Monica’s encouragement to single women:

“Remember Abraham, who waited over 25 years for the fulfillment of the promise – when he tried to make it happen on his own, he created a whole mess that carries on in the Middle East even into the present day. God still fulfilled His promise to Abraham, however, and will fulfill every promise to us today (I Corinthians 1:20). If we hold onto those promises He has made, and resist the passions of the world, we will experience the joy of peaceful obedience to the One who satisfies the soul.

Despite our teasing about maybe “just happening” to have our cars break down outside of the Christian school that (allegedly) has two single male teachers, I know that it is better to wait on the Lord–and to trust that He will fulfill my every need and conform my every desire to His.

My brother Daniel has encouraged me to post links to last year’s “Love Month”, lest any readers should benefit from my experiences and expertise (Hah!) in the world of singleness and relationships.

So, without further ado: Love Month 2010

Please feel free to comment on any of these posts. Even though they’re a year old, I’d love to continue to foster dialogue about singleness, dating, and purity.

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6 thoughts on “WiW: A Day of “Love””

  1. I can remember doing that kind of thing for a bit in college — “just happening” to be a certain somewhere when a certain someone was supposed to be, hoping to “run into” each other and have a conversation — but that seemed so manipulative, and I felt, as you do, it was better to just wait for the Lord to bring about His will in His time.

    I’ll have to come back and look at these links another time.

  2. I loved most of them that I did get to read last month and as I commented on one of them, I am going to encourage my 14 year old daughter to read some of them. There is great wisdom here! Happy you liked my “encouraging words”. I wish to communicated to my daughters that it is OK to be single. God has a plan for you. You are loved! Although we may crave “love” from one of the opposite sex, be patient, God will bring Mr (or Miss) Right along.

  3. I’m grateful for the trust and patience you exhibit. I’m not sure if you read the comment I left on one of my posts in response to your comment, but I HAVE been thinking about you specifically as I’ve done my February theme. Thank you for being an example of contentment and “blooming where you’re planted.” All of us–married, single, whatever–can learn from that!


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